Participating in an ICO/IEO is a high-risk activity, albeit this ICO/IEO, in particular, is aimed at experienced professionals who are used to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency trading, and trading other market instruments such as stocks, derivatives, and forex markets. By participating in this ICO, the purchaser is aware and accepts the risks related to security, the potential lack of economic and financial results.

Finally, the participant declares being aware of the legal uncertainty of this type of transaction and to have conducted his legal guidance according to the applicable law to which he subscribes. Any buyer purchasing SynchroBit Coin (SNB Token) acknowledges the technological and economic uncertainty of the project presented in this White Paper. Therefore, purchasers are aware of the absence of any legal action against the company in case of failure, nonperformance, or non-implementation of the project, as well as in the case of the SNB Token losing part or even the totality of its value. The purchase of the SNB Token confers the ability to use the Synchrobit.io platform services. No other rights are transferred upon the ICO. Precisely, the company’s only obligation is to distribute the SNB Token under the conditions defined in the White Paper.

Any person who aims to participate in SNB Token ICO, IEO, and Airdrop MUST pass KYC (Know Your Customer) process successfully, SYNCHRONIUM® holds the sole right to prohibit any person suspected to illegal activities from participation in ICO, IEO, and Airdrops.

Providing KYC documents by a given person must not be considered as a guarantee and/or a responsibility for SYNCHRONIUM® to verify the person (user) to pass KYC successfully. All KYC documents are gathered, proceed, and reviewed manually by the third-party legal auditor of SYNCHRONIUM®, SBC Legal Inc., and are classified as Legally Protected Information, and will not be shared with any third-party. For further information, you may contact our legal department by [email protected]

In case of any suspected illegal activities, SBC-Legal has the full authority to share the related information with legal authorities in the USA, EU, UK, and the country of the residence of the suspicious person(s).

Purchasing SNB Token during ICO and/or IEO is subjected to AML (Anti Money Laundry) regulations of the European Union.

All data submitted by the users on SYNCHRONIUM® owned websites, including snbtoken.io and synchrobit.io, are subjected to GDPR. For more information, please refer to https://snbtoken.io/privacy.

During the IEO on the partner exchanges, the participants, including the buyers, need to read the specific terms and conditions of the pertaining exchanges, which may vary with SYNCHRONIUM® terms and conditions. SYNCHRONIUM® is not liable for any restrictions, terms, policies, and/or regulations on any Exchange conducting SynchroBit Coin (SNB Token) IEO.

GDPR Terms and Conditions:

SYNCHRONIUM® and its subsidiaries are committed to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). SYNCHRONIUM® has a precise and well-established data protection system to keep the the user data private.

All forms, mailing lists, emails, cookie settings on SYNCHRONIUM® websites and platforms, and including Synchrobit and Snbtoken are in full compliance with GDPR rules.

Should you have any question concerning the GDPR and the Privacy Policy, please contact our GDPR Officer as follows:


GDPR and Legal Compliance Officer: Mr. Ryan Beck

4th Floor, 169 Piccadilly Avenue

London, W1J 9EH

Toll-Free : +44 (808) 196 0706

[email protected]