What is SynchroBitcoin?
SynchroBitcoin (SNB) is the native monetary system of SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange. It’s an ERC-20 cryptocurrency based Ethereum Blockchain
What is The Total Supply of SynchroBitcoin?
The Total Supply of SynchroBitcoin (SNB) is 1,000,000,000
What does mean ICO?
ICO refers to Initial Coin Offering, a type of token/coin presales by the company which is conducted by the company.
What does mean IEO?
IEO refers to Initial Exchange Offering, a type of token/coin presales by the exchanges that have approved the initial listings of a given token/coin.
How much is the minimum purchase of SynchroBitcoin during IEO?
Every participant can have a minimum purchase of US$ 50 (and or its equal amount to BTC, ETH, etc.)
How much is the maximum purchase of SynchroBitcoin during IEO?
There is no limit for this.
How many tokens will be sold totally during IEO?
Based on the allocations, totally 90,000,000 tokens are allowed to be sold on all exchanges.
Do I receive any bonus?
Sure! For your purchase you will receive minimum 15% bonus! Note that your bonus will be delivered six months after the listing of SynchroBitcoin (SNB) on the exchange that your do your purchase.
What Exchanges are the IEO partners of SynchroBitcoin?
What is the IEO schedule on every exchange?
We recommend to visit the IEO page of every partner exchange and get the latest information on the IEO schedule. SynchroBitcoin IEO generally will start on 19 December 2019 on IDCM, and will continue on all partner exchanges by 31 January 2020.
Do I need to pass KYC for IEO?
Sure! You need to have a verified account on the preferred exchange to participate in the IEO.
Are the US Citizens allowed to participate in IEO?
No! Based on SEC regulations, the US citizens are not allowed to participate in IEO and none of partner exchanges will allow them to participate!
Are the US Citizens allowed to participate in airdrop and bounty?
Can the US Citizens trade SynchroBitcoin (SNB) after its listing?
Sure! Everyone is allowed to trade cryptocurrency!
How my IEO purchase will be delivered to me?
Your purchases will be delivered to you by the exchange that you purchase your SynchroBitcoin during IEO.
Can I buy SynchroBitcoin (SNB) on various exchanges?
Is my purchase refundable?
No! Your purchase is not refundable.
How I can get support?
On our website you can enjoy Live Chat and ask you questions via email to [email protected]. Also the support staff of all IEO Partner Exchange can help you further!
How can I participate in SynchroBitcoin promotion?
You can contact following departments for this: Public Relations: [email protected] Advertising: [email protected] Community Issues: [email protected]
How can I apply for private investment?
You can use the Private Investment form on this website and or contact [email protected] for leading you to the right person for private investment.
How should I pass KYC?
Every exchange has different requirements for KYC. For passing KYC on most of exchanges you need a valid ID, Driving License, and or Passport with a selfie with your KYC document.
When is the listing of SynchroBitcoin (SNB)?
On February 2020.
When SynchroBitcoin (SNB) is usable on SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange?
On February 2020.
What are the usages of SynchroBitcoin (SNB)?
It will be used for zero trading fee trading on SynchroBit™ Hybrid Exchange and some of partner exchanges. Meanwhile, it’s the valid token of SynchroSphere™ platforms like WinkPay® and PikChat™.